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My 17 month old is a nightmare during meal times

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juliagoolia Thu 21-Aug-08 20:41:20

My DS is becoming rather frustrating during meal times at the moment. its like he is refusing anything with lumps by just spitting it out and shaking his head. he is used to stage 3 cow and gate jars but the last month or so i have cooked all fresh trying to wean him off. he started off fine but recently he had a gastric bug and was sick lots with lumpy undigested food. i thought maybe this could be the problem? so i have gone back to jar food and he seems fine but a little picky. he never used to be like this! i dont want to keep him on jar food really but dont know what else to do?? please help i am getting rather stressed out when feeding him which is not helping the situation.

accessorizequeen Thu 21-Aug-08 20:46:57

He's just getting used to the new textures that's all, I think jars always tend to be more pureed up than food we cook ourselves (well I never manage to get it that thin!). I'd just whizz things up a bit more for now and gradually reintroduce him to some more lumps. Or mix half a jar with half homemade etc, then gradually decrease the amount of jar. He will get used to the texture eventually, all babies do. Are you trying some finger food as well, he may cope with that better & you'll be less stressed if he's taking more food that way.

juliagoolia Thu 21-Aug-08 21:05:10

Thank you will try to whizz it a little and try that.Yeah DS has finger food snacks all the time in between meals ie. bread sticks , rice cakes, fruit, cheese sticks but if i cook his actual dinner and break it up for him to hold he doesnt bother with it, too much effort!!! its just far to easy to just give jars but really want to stay clear. puddings... well he will eat those til the cows some home! little monster!

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