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Is this normal?

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rickman Wed 16-Feb-05 22:44:56

Message withdrawn

Fran1 Wed 16-Feb-05 22:52:34

Do you think she could have recently heard something about dying, and therefore "experimenting" with her stories?

Sounds quite normal, for a 3 yr old to make up a story about something they have just learned.

Earlybird Wed 16-Feb-05 22:53:25

Obvious initial question is has she seen something on telly that might have disturbed her?

rickman Wed 16-Feb-05 22:56:48

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 16-Feb-05 22:57:37

dd1 who is 4, was upset by a dream she had aboput dd2 eating a pillow.

Fran1 Wed 16-Feb-05 23:01:53

I would think it is just demonstrating what a wonderful imagination your dd has.

She may have pieced it together from things she has seen here and there.

I knew a little girl who used to suddenly drop what she was doing and chase after her imaginary mouse that was running away, she'd then catch it and tell us to be quiet cos it was sleeping!!

They do have fab imaginations.

elliesmoomoo Wed 16-Feb-05 23:03:29

I used to work as a Nursery Nurse and it is a very popular topic among 3-5 year olds. Its true they prob pick up bits and pieces from TV, adults etc... Or maybe she has regressed??????

rickman Wed 16-Feb-05 23:05:04

Message withdrawn

Earlybird Wed 16-Feb-05 23:08:04

Sounds like a wild/fun dream!

DD often makes brief crying/whimpering noises in her sleep. I've wondered if she was having a bad dream, but the sounds aren't prolonged, and certainly she doesn't seem to remember anything the next morning. It's a strange feeling to hear your child make what sounds like distressed/upset sounds without wanting to rush in and make it better.

TiredBunny Wed 16-Feb-05 23:30:55

My dd (3) often whimpers... one of reasons appears to be me having the tumble drier and washing machine on late and right under her room.... must be the vibrations!! Sometimes she does it because we have been so busy and she hasnt had time to wind down before bed.

highlander Thu 17-Feb-05 04:46:40

I'm probably outing myself here as all my sister's friends have heard about this........

my niece has always had a thing about the 101 Dalmations. So much so that when she was 3 she had 101 imaginary dalmation puppies, loved playing with them etc. One morning at breakfast she informed her mum and dad that the puppies were 'too much for her' and could dad please take 50 of them to work. Niece and dad then had to go through the scenario of loading the puppies into the car, whilst my sister pissed herself laughing in the house

TiredBunny Thu 17-Feb-05 23:37:46

Thats ace!!!

Jbck Fri 18-Feb-05 22:53:41

DD had just turned 3 when she often talked about when she got married. We used to think it was the usual imaginary nonsense & she'd seen a wedding on the telly till one day I asked her when this had been. She just looked straight at me and very matter of fact said - it must have been about 400 years ago now. I was completely freaked just something about the way she said it. I'd never heard her say hundred before usually 1-20 type numbers & there was no embellishment or made up fairytale story attached to it. My Mum is always saying DD has been here before maybe she's right

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