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COLIC and heat stress

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Traveljunkie Thu 21-Aug-08 16:29:59

Hi I am at my parents in Italy, 30 plus degrees with a 6 week old..she is colicky and heat stressed. I have run out of Infacol, anny advice,my mother is stressig me out with her being stressed at the screaming!

gagarin Thu 21-Aug-08 16:34:56

Take her clothes off (baby) and using a damp flannel/cloth wipe her all over. Don't dry her - leave it to evaporate and she'll cool slightly. Don't use cold water use warm water.

Give baby a drink of cold water (off a spoon if you're breast feeding).

Put baby down on her tummy in the shade and fan her with something - like a magazine. Moving air is cooler. Lying on her tummy might soothe her and as you are fanning her you won't be leaving her so it's not dangerous even if she falls asleep!

Ask your mother to go out for a walk and leave you in peace for 30 mins. Everyone will calm down then

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