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2 year old who want sleep and will only settle for me.........cant cope much longer!

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Sunshine78 Thu 21-Aug-08 10:57:23

DD was in hospital last year for 2 months (with me at her sie throughout)since then she want sleep through the night and will only settle if I go into her (the few nights I have left her with dh she has screamed all night!) At first we put up with it after all she has been through but I am now so tired (have a ds 4.5 aswell) that I cant cope with the lack of sleep. Any ideas please, tried controlled crying for a week and she just screamed - she is a typical princess and is only happy if she gets what she wants when she wants it!

bigspender30 Thu 21-Aug-08 12:42:12

I know its hard but you need to persevere with the controlled crying. Read the book no cry sleep solution. That did the trick for me! It sounds like its become a habit for her now.

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