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ds aged one throwing ALL his food on the floor - any tips?

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Miaou Thu 21-Aug-08 08:31:40

Ds2 was BLW and has never really eaten off a spoon (his choice) - all well and good, and he has always been a good eater. However he has recently discovered he can throw things a long way, which is such a good game hmm. So now he is eating just about nothing. Today for breakfast he ate one cheerio then threw the rest of them at us while we ate! He will occasionally let me feed him off a spooon (eg a couple of spoonfuls of yoghurt) but that's about his limit.

He is compensating a little by feeding more (he is still breastfed) but obviously he needs to eat more solids, particularly as he is very tiny!

Any advice?

Miaou Thu 21-Aug-08 08:42:41

I should add - I have tried only putting a bit of food on his tray at a time, and putting it into his hand or straight into his mouth - he still throws it!

Miaou Thu 21-Aug-08 12:28:06

anyone? I'm about to brave lunchtime ...

nowwearefour Thu 21-Aug-08 12:31:50

my health visitor was v helpful when i asked her about this one. she simply said it is a well known phase at this age called 'Casting'. Oh i thought so what am i supposed to do about it? i simply allowed her to throw (or cast) and didnt put anything else on tray. she got nothing else ti next snack time and pretty soon learned she was less hungry if she ate and didnt cast! prob took about 2-3 weeks....

MegBusset Thu 21-Aug-08 12:33:20

Oh god, DS does this. It drives me nuts!

I have found it slightly helps if I only put one morsel of food in front of him at a time. EG if I put one cheerio then he will eat it then I put the next on and he eats that, until he gets full or bored. If I put the whole lot in front of him he will sweep them onto the floor with a grand gesture and look very pleased with himself hmm

bethoo Thu 21-Aug-08 12:35:02

get a dog? grin

my ds does this so i put loads of food on his plate, surely he must eat something? then i usually spoon feed him his pudding so i know he is getting something! and way too messy to have rice pudding all over the floor!

wasabipeanut Thu 21-Aug-08 12:39:41

My 11mo ds has just started to do this - its really annoying particularly when he throws it AT me. I just put one mosel in front of him at a time.

I just assume that if he is throwing most of what he gets then he isn't that hungry and we call it a day.

I have noticed that when he is really hungry which tends to be lunchtimes he doesn't do it that much.

LilRedWG Thu 21-Aug-08 12:44:48

I did the ignore, ignore, ignore technique. When DD had finished/thrown everything on the floor I'd calmly say, "Well, we'll try again next time, but you may get hungry as you've thrown all of your breakfast away." and get her down from her chair to play.

I'd then clean up with no comment and give her no extra treats until her next meal. If she asked for food, I would say, "You are hungry because you threw all of your breakfast on the floor. You can have some fruit, but nothing else until lunch".

Within a day or two of being hungry and getting no treats/snacks in between meals, other than fruit, it seemed to click with her.

I will tell you though - it is damned hard to remain calm and not react, but it's worth iT!

Sunshine78 Thu 21-Aug-08 13:33:45

My dd has just gone through this phase and is now thankfully out of it grin We just had to ignore her but also if she hrew something like her cup she would demand it back so she could throw it again! So I would just tell her it had gone because she had thrown it away - they soon get the message.

missorinoco Thu 21-Aug-08 13:46:21

it's a very trying phase <repeats to self over again>.

i try to ignore it. dsis says "whoops" and that seems to make him think it's a game. .

fwiw if ds is hungry, he will eat then throw the rest on the floor when he's full. at around 1 y.o. his appetite dropped off hugely. it could be the phase is coinciding with that too.

if i was stressed he hadn't eaten enough/anything i gave him a petit filou for pudding, as you are doing.

lilredwg, how old is your dd? wondering if this would work with ds or if he's too young to understand (15mths).

Miaou Thu 21-Aug-08 14:07:16

thanks guys - I think I just worry a bit more than I did with the others because he is so wee and really can't afford to lose any weight smile

I am also not helping I think because I bf on demand, so he has just been satiating his hunger by having extra milk hmm - I might have to keep an eye on that!

And you are right re the hunger thing - if he has chucked the entire meal for the previous two meals, you can guarantee he'll eat most of the third one before he starts throwing it.

I guess I just need to sit this one out (in both senses of the phrase!)

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