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14 month old doesn't say any words, should i be worried

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prettyladybird Wed 20-Aug-08 21:32:30


thelittlestbadger Wed 20-Aug-08 21:34:21

Does your DC babble/ point etc? I wouldn't worry too much about recognisable words yet as it is still early days.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Wed 20-Aug-08 21:35:47

my 14 month old say "tha" which means i want that coupled with outstretched arms and grabbing hands. thats it. im not worried she babbles tunefully and responds with babble/laughter/smiling when you talk to her

Phoenix Wed 20-Aug-08 21:36:00

No, my ds has only really started talking (most people can't understand him yet anyway) in the last 4 months and he is 26 month old. I wouldn't worry if he/she is understanding you. It will come all of a sudden then you won't be able to shut him/her up wink

constancereader Wed 20-Aug-08 21:36:09

Mine didn't at this age either, now he is 19 months he says tractor. That is it. I was worried, but I did some searches on here and realised that it was common for children not to have words at this age. Does your ds interact well with you/point at interesting stuff? Mine only started pointing about a month ago!

Someone more knowledgable will be along soon, I just wanted to say that you are not alone.

prettyladybird Wed 20-Aug-08 21:36:16

no she doesn't babble much.
or wave or pointsadsad

TotalChaos Wed 20-Aug-08 21:40:19

normal range for pointing is 12-18 months, so she's still got plenty of time on that one.

constancereader Wed 20-Aug-08 21:40:22

Mine didn't either at that age though, and he has suddenly started to do both in the last few weeks.

I think that it is all in the normal range of development but talk to your hv - it might help to reassure you.

prettyladybird Wed 20-Aug-08 21:42:25

she does smile and laugh alot though and sort of reaches out her arms for a pivk up cuddle.

constancereader Wed 20-Aug-08 21:45:30

she sounds just like my ds smile

prettyladybird Wed 20-Aug-08 21:49:09

i wouldn't want to take her the the hv as she is mad.

catweazle Wed 20-Aug-08 21:51:48

My DD is 17 months and says dat, mum-mum and up. We have occasionally heard other sounds that could have been words but they aren't ever repeated.

snickersnack Wed 20-Aug-08 21:53:50

ds is exactly the same age and says nothing meaningful at all. Lots of "da", "de" and "meh", though. I'm not in the least bit worried - he understands most of what is said to him, I think.

Does she understand what you say? I think that's a good indicator. If you're worried try your GP - HVs are generally fairly useless in my experience.

constancereader Wed 20-Aug-08 21:54:47

My local library had a drop in session with a SALT just for people with concerns - perhaps it is worth checking there?

prettyladybird Wed 20-Aug-08 21:57:59

she does undersatnd no, as when sh hears no, she cries!

she doesn't even cal me mum sad

yes id rather take her the the gp. i can't stand that dippy hv.

prettyladybird Wed 20-Aug-08 21:59:10

when does the average baby start to talk?

TotalChaos Wed 20-Aug-08 22:01:56

By the time they are 2.

prettyladybird Wed 20-Aug-08 22:05:10

thanks for all your help btwsmile

snickersnack Wed 20-Aug-08 22:05:47

Please don't worry. It sounds entirely normal to me, honestly.

Is she your first? I was the world's biggest worrier with dd - spent my whole time monitoring her to see if she was doing what the books said she should be doing. I feel much more relaxed this time with ds - I think what made the difference was seeing all my friends who had babies the same age as dd, and watching the incredibly different rates at which they all developed. At this age, some talked, some didn't. Some weren't really saying much even by 2, or even a bit older. But they all talk beautifully now.

But you really should speak to someone if you're worried, if only because it will set your mind at rest.

gettingserious Wed 20-Aug-08 22:07:34

Prettyladybird, I was coming on here to post exactly what you have just posted! My 14 month old DS has no words either and I was really starting to worry. (I don't get called mum and DH has never been called dad) He does point at things and I think he understands what I say (although, unlike your DD, he totally ignores the word no!).

EffiePerine Wed 20-Aug-08 22:08:03

DS didn't say mum/mummy for ages - it's actually quite a difficult word I think (Daddy was one of his first words envy)

14 mo sounds v young still, can't remember when DS started but it can't have been any earlier

prettyladybird Wed 20-Aug-08 22:46:28

yes she is a pfbblush thanks for your help

gs, good to know im not the only one.
is your ds your 1st too?

ep thanks

anyideas how i can help her?

wotulookinat Wed 20-Aug-08 22:56:03

gosh no don't worry. We had 'cat' at 12 months but that was it until about 19 months. He's now 22 months and we haven't progressed much further! (although we do have a very loud and irritating 'MORE!') smile

prettyladybird Wed 20-Aug-08 23:12:08

thanks, she must understand more than we think as she hatees the word no!

wotulookinat Wed 20-Aug-08 23:16:39

yes you'd be surprised at what she does actually understand.

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