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18 month old behaviour problems!

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BBRoberts Wed 20-Aug-08 13:12:45

Hi, My 18 month old DS regularly does things that we have to stop him from doing (as they all do!), but when we say NO to him, he knows what it means, but completely ignores it and carries on with whatever he was doing. Any ideas on making him understand that NO means NO?? At the moment, there is no consequence for his actions, so he carries on. Is he too young for 'naughty step' type tactics? Don't really want to resort to that type of thing already, but I'm beginning to feel like all I ever do is shout NO at him, which I hate I'm also worried that one day he will be in real danger and when I shout NO it will have no impact on him as he hears it all the time.

Any ideas much appreciated x

ThatBigGermanPrison Wed 20-Aug-08 13:15:30

Don't shout no at a baby, it's pointless. Get up and move him, pick him up.

Seona1973 Wed 20-Aug-08 13:21:58

I agree - stop him from doing it and distract him into doing something else

meandmyjoe Wed 20-Aug-08 14:05:49

He's far too young to understand the naughty step, he'll either just get upset or just think it's a game. I would be firm when you say no but just be calm and remove him from what he is doing. Be consistant and let him know that no means no. My 12 month old ds knows what no means, sometimes he listens, other times he just throws a strop and starts crying but either way shouting at him wouldn't make any difference. It's frustrating though!

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