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Trouble at bathtime-- HELP!!!!!

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sacha3taylor Wed 16-Feb-05 17:10:07

My DS3 is 9 monthes and screams everytime i put him in the bath! He used to enjoy baths untill he grew out of his baby bath. I have tried everything i can think of and have not had this problem with DS or DD. I want to enjoy bathtime with him but am lost for new ideas, can anyone help with usefull sugestions?

hewlettsdaughter Wed 16-Feb-05 17:12:59

Have you tried going in the bath with him?

collision Wed 16-Feb-05 17:15:17

Put him back in the baby bath! My 3yr old still uses the baby bath as he says the other one is too big!!

sacha3taylor Wed 16-Feb-05 17:17:21

I tried once going in the bath with him but i think it just made him worse! I tried him in the baby bath again but he keeps trying to dive over the side and escape!

Chuffed Wed 16-Feb-05 17:41:51

have you tried a bath seat or something like that to make him feel secure?

sacha3taylor Wed 16-Feb-05 18:00:44

Yes, he has one that is padded and he fits in it quite nicely! I only put a few inches of water in and he just goes mad.

Lonelymum Wed 16-Feb-05 18:14:25

Does he have toys to play with to distract him?

gemmamay Wed 16-Feb-05 21:52:49

this does throw up other questions (ie what about the chlorine) but what about swimming? Does he like that - one extreme to the other but if it is fun then he might see the big bath as the same?

what about playing with toys in baby bath with him on the outside (lots of towels req!) may encourage him to get in?

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