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tab1 Tue 19-Aug-08 20:07:29

13 month old had her mmr jab today and i feel so worried incase she has any reactions. she came home, had her dinner and went to sleep so seems ok just tired but it's awful seeing them cry out and she has a bruise. i know its pathetic but cant help worry sad

TJ1976 Tue 19-Aug-08 21:25:16

Hi tab1, please don't worry about the jab. I know how worrying it can be. She will have forgotten about it already. It's us parents that find it hard to forget! My son has to go for his 2nd dose of MMR next month. I've recieved a letter from the NHS advising of a measles epidemic in SE London, they are advising parents to get the second dose ASAP. I'm not looking forward to taking my ds for this as he will be fully aware and will want to look! Have hubby on hand that day to help out if he gets too upset. My ds was fine after his first dose,just a little tired and grumpy for a few days - nothing to worry about.

meandmyjoe Wed 20-Aug-08 10:44:45

How's she doing today tab1? I am also worried about the mmr, my ds has it in 2 weeks and I'm panicing a bit. I always worry when I take my ds for any jabs though. He had his meningitis booster last week and I was far more upset then he was, he didn't even cry properly! I think I'm more worried about the mmr cos of all the controversy about it. Just praying things go ok. Hope she's OK today.

Snippety Wed 20-Aug-08 10:52:45

I always have to have Mr S with me as I simply can't make myself hold DS still while someone deliberately hurts him; even though I know it's for his own good. blushDH pointed out that he cries more when we wash his face after tea, but still !!

My boy had a bruise that lasted about a week. Then he had a rash on his back and tummy and was really out of sorts for another week. Then began teething again so back to normal for us smile

I think I'll feel better when he's old enough to know. It's betraying his little trust that tears me up ! I'm such a soppy 'apporth !

tab1 Wed 20-Aug-08 15:42:02

she had the mmr in her arm and there is just a tiny bruise but she had the pneumonia jab in her leg and that has swollen up and is really red so i just took her back to the nurse, dd cried when nurse touched her leg, nurse said just put ice on it and give her calpol so we will see.

meandmyjoe Wed 20-Aug-08 19:40:20

Hope she's better soon. Lol to the wiping his face snippety, I have the same issue here! It's the betrayal thing that bothers me too, one minute he's just sat on my knee chattering away to the nurse, then she's stabbing him and he flinches and just looks at her in disbelief! It's so sad, I'm dreading the mmr.

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