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So proud of dd2!

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Miaou Wed 16-Feb-05 11:17:10

As you may know, we moved house recently and dds 1 and 2 have started at a new primary school.

Dd2 is very bright but does not work particularly hard and needs to be "prodded" into producing work of a good standard. She also used to mess about and get into trouble(I used to be classroom assistant in the old school so I saw what went on!). However she told me over the weekend that her new teacher had called her a "hard-working girl", and held up her work (metaphorically speaking) as an example of what can be achieved through effort. Dd2 was so thrilled and so were dh and I!

Just had to share that with you .

Gwenick Wed 16-Feb-05 11:18:55

Well done DD2

amynnixmum Wed 16-Feb-05 11:23:41

nailpolish Wed 16-Feb-05 12:04:45

awww thats a lovely wee story. your dd must have been so chuffed to tell you this. her teacher sounds great too,

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