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Sensitive soul - 5 year old DS!

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rydercup Sun 17-Aug-08 19:43:00

Hello - my DS1 aged 5 (nearly 6) is a lovely, gentle, kind and caring little boy but he just seems so hyper-sensitive and I am starting to feel frustrated for him and myself re how to deal with it. One example from today..... he has burst into tears no less than 3 times at a birthday party for what I would consider very trivial matters - particularly when this is in front of all his school friends and nobody else is crying! The first was because he was asked to go in the team run by a guy, the second whilst dancing during musical statues and the third because he was 'out' during musical bumps. It is a proper full on cry - not even a discreet little sob. He is due to start year 1 in September and I do worry about him... the problem is I am finding myself start to say all the wrong things out of frustration i.e 'you are embarressing yourself infront of your friends'... 'I am not going to bring you to parties if you are just going to cry and not join in' etc etc I am sure none of this is helping his self esteem or confidence. Don't get me wrong...I am so very proud of his caring and gentle nature but I can't help but feel this hyper sensitivity is going to go against him. Anybody been in a similar situation and have any words of wisdom????

fryalot Sun 17-Aug-08 19:45:34

a couple of words of wisdom(ish) for you:

firstly, buy or get from the library The Highly Sensitive Child it is an amazing, enlightening book and you won't regret reading it.

Secondly, search the words "highly sensitive" on here and have a trawl through what others have said, there is tons of advice on here about sensitive children.

My dd2 is super-sensitive just like your son and the book and mumsnet threads have been absolutely invaluable for advice.

Good luck.

rydercup Sun 17-Aug-08 19:51:01

Thanks Squonk - have just ordered the book....need to do something and will do the other later tonight. Appreciate your quick response!

scattyspice Sun 17-Aug-08 20:00:47

Hi ryder, my DS is just 5 (also about to start yr1) and is just the same, he cries very easily. He is not particularly sensitive in other respects, quite boistrous, not really shy, doesn't mind noise etc. He gets frustrated easily (and cries when frustrated) he also gets angry easily (and shouts or cries when angry). Most of all he hates to feel as if he is (or is likely to) make a fool of himself. He hates to answer a question in class and gets upset if he is 'told off' in class or by another adult in front of others (especially his peers). He would probably cry in all the situations you have mentioned.
DS really hates the fact that he cries and knows he looks a fool but really can't stop the tears.
I remember being just the same as a child.

Apart from making sure he has had enough sleep and has eaten there is not much I can do. He is starting to grow out of it.

Good luck.

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