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Nearly 10 month old scratching / slapping / pinching

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likessleep Sun 17-Aug-08 08:53:04


My DS is turning 10 months this week and I am seeking a little bit of advice. He is a very excitable little boy, which frequently turns to forms of scratching/slapping/thumping/pinching/pulling. I appreciate that he doesn't know these hurt and he is very young, but it has been going on for a while now and I wondered at what age should I do something other than just ignoring him?
I have tried telling him off by saying 'no' firmly and holding his arm/hand away but he just giggles.
It isn't a major thing, but I am having to explain to people when they hold him to watch for any offending limbs!


zuzkah Sun 17-Aug-08 11:10:07

My nearly 9 months old is behaving very similarly sometimes. When I say no he giggles or smiles. Funny how they know or find funny mummy trying to tell them off. I started to say firm no 3x (especially when he tries to grab my glasses) and if he won;t stop I put him down straight away. Mind you you can't do this outdoors, so maybe put him in a pusher or something but refuse being hold by you? Not sure if it will work. Only time will tell...

MegBusset Sun 17-Aug-08 11:17:42

DS went through a lot of this, now at 18m he is a lot better although will sometimes lash out if overexcited. What worked for us was:

Spotting the warning signs when he was getting excited and changing the situation so that he calmed down.

Showing how he should touch people - lots of "Gently' while holding his hand and stroking your face/arm/whatever.

If he did lash out - firm "No" and remove him from the situation, eg if he is on your lap then put him on the floor and ignore for a few seconds.

likessleep Sun 17-Aug-08 16:45:34

Thanks Zuzkah and MegBusset for responding.
We do try to do the 'gently' whilst holding his arm to stroke us, but he does it then slaps straightaway! At least I know we are doing the right things. I haven't yet removed him from the situation / sitting him down though, so we will try that as well.
Thanks again. Glad to know that he may not be a bully forever

Sympa Tue 19-Aug-08 19:59:27

My 20 month old has suddenly started 'grabbing' at faces - mine or other children. She laughs when I say no / get cross as if she thinks it is a game. At the moment its a nightmare in the park as i have to follow her round and keep tabs on who she is going up to in case she grabs the face of another child. She doesn't laugh when she does it though. She also sometimes does it to herself. She is pretty well balanced (I thought!!) and I am telling myself it is just a phase but any help on how other people deal with it would be much appreciated.

Mungarra Wed 20-Aug-08 11:51:25

He isn't really hitting or scratching (I suggest you cut his nails if you're being scratched). They just need to explore and touch things. At this age, they're not really being naughty.

If they're 'hitting' a younger child, all you can do is say 'no' and take them away.

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