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Crying in pram

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violeta Sat 16-Aug-08 17:09:18

My dd is now 5 months old, and for a few months now she has tended to cry inconsolably out in the pram when she gets tired. The only thing that consoles her is being picked up, and sometimes she settles and drifts off when I put her back again. Otherwise, she screams when I put her back in the pram (which I have to do if I'm out shopping for example) and I feel terrible (worse when well-meaning old women peer in saying 'oh the poor little thing, what's the matter, oh she's crying real tears...'). I've started to take the sling out with me as well as again she'll settle being up against me, but as she's getting pretty heavy now it's becoming increasingly difficult to push the pram and carry dd in the sling at the same time. I know a solution would be always taking her out in a sling (I've got a Baby Bjorn) but it's just often not practical.

I think I just want to know if anyone has been through the same with their little ones (and come out the other side!). Everywhere I go I see babies and children happily sleeping/cooing in prams and pushchairs and my experience couldn't be any more different!

giddykipper Sat 16-Aug-08 17:14:29

Have you tried her a bit more upright? DS was the same, even from birth he hated being flat in his pram. I used to sling him then as soon as he was big enough I put him more upright. We had a Bugaboo and put him in the chair from about 4 months. He was much happier then because he could see what was going on around him. Also slept better too because he was more relaxed.

babyOcho Sat 16-Aug-08 17:19:21

does she have a lot of stuff in the pram that you can take of t help her sleep?

I find that sometimes covering the pram with a muslin cloth (secured with some pegs) helps a knackered DD fall asleep. She has a dummy in her cot and extreme circumstances (ie when travelling long distances), but not in her pram. But often in her pram she has a toy that she sucks on when tired which makes her fall asleep.

What about getting a better sling?

MatNanPlus Sat 16-Aug-08 17:20:56

Violeta which pram have you got?

EyeballsintheSky Sat 16-Aug-08 17:24:56

DD always hated her pram and we moved her into the reclined buggy seat at about 3 months although it was only recommended from 6. Really the place she is happiest is still the car seat on the buggy (she's 7mo) but I can't keep that up for much longer. I also have a sling and she's happy enough in that but, as you say, it's often not practical. I think dd was just too nosey to be lying flat and the pram rattled her around a lot whereas she's securely strapped in to anything else and it's probably more snug.

supercherry Sat 16-Aug-08 17:26:13

My DS used to cry when flat in the pram. As soon as I converted it to the pushchair he was loads happier. Have you tried using the pushchair instead?

violeta Sat 16-Aug-08 18:06:46

Thanks for all of the suggestions.

I've got a Mamas and Papas pliko pramette, so she's lying flat in the pram bit. I did try turning it round so she was sitting upright in the pushchair bit but if anything it was worse, maybe because she couldn't see me. But, this was a month or so ago so I will definitely try that again. If I was buying a pram again I would get one with a seated bit to face me, but that's the kind of thing you discover once you have a baby in the pram you spend so much time researching for beforehand (dd is my first).

Thanks for the tip re the muslin square. I'll try that as I am sure the bright lights and noise make it even more difficult for her to drop off (which I can understand!).

Re another sling, yes, I'll be getting a back carrier now she's nearly 6 months. The Baby Bjorn is fine with a small baby but it's getting pretty uncomfortable now.

meandmyjoe Sat 16-Aug-08 19:22:01

My ds was always like this, not only when tired but he just hated being in the pram at any time. He also hated the car seat, i think he has issues about having to sit still for so long and being restricted! I tried laying him flat, sitting him up, nothing helped. I then bought a Loola which was expensive but allowed him to face me which meant he was a little more relaxed. Also means, when he starts to fuss I can talk to him easier and pass him toys or snacks to distract him! Still not keen now and he's 12 months but is deffinitely easier to distract with food and generally will stay in for an hour or so when I'm out and about. As she gets older she may grow out of it, my ds was just a grump in every aspect til he got mobile!

Again Sun 17-Aug-08 21:46:22

My ds is 14 months and we still use a sling, for preference, but at about 10 months he got to like a buggy.

The baby bjorn is very uncomfortable. We had one to begin with, but it made me feel sick it was so heavy and that was when he was about 4 months!

We know have a kari-me (though he's way to big for that), a tettitett and an ergo. If you want to ask advice on babywearing you could take a look at or


GreenMonkies Sun 17-Aug-08 22:02:11

If I was you I'd put your pram on ebay and buy another that has a rear facing pushchair. I'd also put the Baby Bjorn on ebay and buy a nice ring sling too. Both these things will make your DD much happier and more content when out and about.

I have a real bee in my bonnet about forward facing pushchairs. They leave babies exposed to the elements, , not rain perhaps, but sun and wind, even with a viewing window in the hood you don't really see them properly. Also, as you have said, babies like to see thier mums, when you are a tiny little person a sea of legs and strange faces is not what you want to see, you only have eyes for Mummy. Sometimes I see tiny babies in forward facing buggies etc and I want to weep, poor things, slumped, isolated, staring out at things they don't recognise, not able to see Mummy and interacting with nobody. Rear facing, honestly, it's what babies (and toddlers) want!!

It's really hard to find good rear facing pushchairs, but if people started buying them and stopped buying the forward facing ones then the manufacturers would react to the change in the market and start making really nice, easy folding light-weight ones.

NotAnOtter Sun 17-Aug-08 22:08:52

violeta - i have experienced this with more than one baby so i really sympthise and yes yes yes to looking round at calm sleeping babies in prams!!! grrrrr

my advice is to work at it. start taking dd in pram when she is shattered and just fed.

rear face if poss

with ds (5 weeks tomorrow!) we swaddle him in the pram as he seems to prefer it ( more like bedtime)

reward any sleeping by lifting her out the minute she goes stern after waking - thus making the whole pramride a positive experience

do ALOT of pram walking so that she HAS to get used to it

hth and good luck

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