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9 week olds sleep pattern all out after jabs - Is this normal?

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lauraloola Fri 15-Aug-08 17:54:39

Dd had her first jabs on Tuesday. She usually sleeps from 10pm to 6am to 9am. She has been doing this since 6 weeks (Before she would cry until midnight and then go every 4 hours)

Wednesday night and last night she cried until 1am, woke at 5am and then up at 9am. She has also only been going 2/3 hours for only 3oz of milk in the day instead of 4 hours for 5oz.

Are her jabs to blame? Will she go back to her usual or is she too young to properly settle into a routine??

luvaduck Fri 15-Aug-08 17:56:06

yes they are to blame
and totally normal
in fact you are very lucky to have a sleep pattern at 9 weeks!

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