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not sure what to do with ds sleep pattern - please help

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mad4mybaby Fri 15-Aug-08 15:48:47

ds (2) early this year started getting up around 5am and went on for ages and nothing seemed to help then about a month ago i started to shorten his nap gradually to 1 hour (from 2). This meant he wasnt getting up before 6am which was great. This week hes been very grumpy (not ill) and seemed v tired so put him down at 7.30pm as usual and he will fall asleep 8ish after chatting to himself for half hour or so then waking up 6.15ish. Anyway i decided not to wake him after an hour and let him wake naturally to see if it helped and he woke after 2 hours and very ratty (assuming 2 much sleep) anyway went to bed normal time last night and was up at 7am today result! Today put him down at normal nap time again let him sleep, woke up just under 2 hours.... not sure what to do... before it seemed the longer i let him nap the earlier he got up in the am which i cant cope with 5am starts esp being pg.

What do i do for the best?? Not prepared to put him to sleep any later as i feel it is late enough plus bizarely the later he goes to sleep the earlier he wakes up too. I think he must be trying to change sleep patterns but cant work out what is best for him.. In November he will be doing afternoon sessions at preschool annd wont be able to nap for those 2 avos./...

gingerninja Fri 15-Aug-08 15:55:11

My DD is similar. She's 23 months. On a (rare) day she doesn't nap she'll sleep until later (i mean til 5.45 - 6 here because she is a mega early riser) but can be unsettled in the night.

I really and trully haven't really found a pattern to her sleep / nap. She's always been awful but naps don't really seem to make a lot of difference to the overall result. She may be harder to settle if she's slept late in the day.

These days she's having about 1hr20-30mins. Generally i wouldn't let her sleep any longer but maybe I should. She is ALWAYS very very grumpy after her nap.

Sorry, no answers but perhaps give yourself a week trial letting him sleep longer and see what happens. When he goes to preschool you may find he goes without a agjusts fine on those days with no naps if he's having extra the other days.

mad4mybaby Fri 15-Aug-08 19:08:33

i hope so. its so hard to know what to do for the best. This afternoon he looks tired, red round the eyes and now is acting tired so will put him to bed normal time and have to wait and see what time he gets up i suppose. I know he is getting the right amount within a 24 hour period, its just judging how it is best split between nap and night time!

mad4mybaby Tue 19-Aug-08 09:19:37


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