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AAAARRRGH! Ds crawling, just learnt to pull up to standing AND is cutting first 2 teeth! Our place is a crazyhouse!!!

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nolongerchunkybutstillapudding Thu 14-Aug-08 15:10:33

Just wanted to tell someone really. Ds is nearly 7mo has been crawling (after a fashion) for couple of weeks and getting good now. A week ago he worked out how to pull to standing and with the 2 teeth as well I'm not getting much sleep and he's running me ragged in the day!

he's ace tho. love him to bits he is the sparkiest happiest chattiest... and most manic... little person you could ever hope to meet...


nolongerchunkybutstillapudding Thu 14-Aug-08 15:25:59

i think i had it in my head that he wasn't gonna be charging around quite so early... silly me!

have given up on trying to cut down on night feeds at the mo as it seems a bit harsh when he's dealing with all that - am thinking (well hoping really) that sleep may improve once he's got through all these milestoney things??? there will prob be something else by then won't there?????

meandmyjoe Thu 14-Aug-08 20:11:16

Oh wow, it must be a bit hectic! All I can say is that it will calm down when the teeth come, but only a bit! I'm still run ragged by my 12 month old ds but he is so happy to be mobile that I don't care, he went through a stage of rubbish sleep too, just before he learned to crawl and stand at 8 months so I know how tiring it is when you have such a manic day too! Just try and rest when you can and enjoy it!

nolongerchunkybutstillapudding Fri 15-Aug-08 10:25:23

thanks meandmyjoe... he is great fun but kind of exhausting/terrifying. he wants to try and stand constantly, and we have stone floors so its really hard to relax...

his teeth are part way through, they must have REALLY been bothering him last night as it took three hours to settle him, finally got him to sleep by bringing him downstairs and rocking in pram (was desperate!)

he was just beside himself, I could calm him in my arms but if I put him in cot he would scream himself to bits! I think someone told me that teething can make them a bit clingy?

In a lot of ways I'm glad my ds is so spirited and fun (climbing up sofa as I type) but sometimes i look at friends babies and they just sort of sit there placidly (same age and older than ds) whereas he throws himself at stuff/off stuff and won't stay still for a second...

little manic monkey

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