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potty training help for new member!!

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tiddler1970 Thu 14-Aug-08 12:44:23

Hi I have only joined this site today so totally new to this! there are various abbreviations which im puzzled by ie dd and ds im assuming something to do with son and daughter??

Anyway my number 2 little boy is 2.5 and has just potty trained he literally decided to do it himself and would say need wee wee and off hed go! and for 3 weeks i have had no poo accidents and literally a handful of wee accidents he even managed to hold on for 10 mins in the car from when he said he needed to go until we arrived home. last night he suddenly had 2 accidents and this morning has just kept weeing his trousers even to the point where he was next to his potty and just weed down his leg and even after being asked to go before his mid morning snack decided to wee at the table a few mins later. Is this normal? is he just testing? We have an au pair who looks after him during the day but she has been with us 3 years before he was born so there is mutual adoration there! and there has been no changes i can think of. What should I do? Im thinking just praise praise praise him getting it right and ignore accidents?? HELP! Also so sorry if this is too long winded thanks Char xx

belgo Thu 14-Aug-08 12:53:33

Welcome to mumsnetsmile.

It's sounds like he's doing great with potty training. It's perfectly normal for some children to have accidents even after they've been dry for a few weeks - it could be that he's testing his own bladder capacity. I once read that you can't expect a child to learn to walk without falling over, and you can't expect a child to potty train without having any accidents.

I wouldn't totally ignore the accidents - I would just say something like 'oops, that should have been in the potty' (certainly don't make him feel bad about having an accident). And of course plenty of praise when he gets it right.

Another possibility is that he's becoming ill with something and that's causing the accidents, or that he's tired.

ds is darling son, dd is darling daughtersmile

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