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think im going insane

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auriana Thu 14-Aug-08 11:52:07

im sat here in tears as dd behaviour is getting me down, she has picked up the worse attitude from one of her closest friends which is making her very argumentive, answering back, stubborn, stroppy and selfish, she keeps being horrible to my ds whos 4 and now starting to pick up her bad behaviour, i have tried everything talking to her, sending her to her room, grounding her, taking toys away, banning treats and now i just dont know what to do, any advice will be greatly recieved,

slavemum Thu 14-Aug-08 12:22:26

feel for u. how old is your dd?
my ds is 8 and we're having awful problems with his attitude & behaviour just now. Have tried every punishment in the books and nothing gets through to him.
Every time he starts misbehaving now, or give me attitude, I make him help with the housework until he 'snaps out of it' sometimes takes 10 mins. longest has been 1 1/2 hrs (inventing chores by that stage). then when he's calm we sit and talk.
Also have got him to write me a note explaining why he's so anrgy/ upset.
Don't know if this helps but you're not alone. smile

auriana Thu 14-Aug-08 12:25:42

dd is almost 7, and thaks slavemum its good to know that im not alone in this department.

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