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Dealing with a two year old's funny (albeit unexpected) requests!

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ThatBigGermanPrison Thu 14-Aug-08 07:14:17

I asked him if he was hungry. "Noooooo."

Do you want something to eat? "yeaaahhhhh!"

What do you want to eat? "Ummmmmmmm..... pasta."

BreeVanderCampLGJ Thu 14-Aug-08 07:19:00


PavlovtheCat Thu 14-Aug-08 07:39:08

My DD does this most mornings at breakfast time.

The other day she insisted she wanted 'woodles and musroons' = noodles and mushrooms! She was quite insistent so I let her have them!

She hardly eats breakfast but she ate this!!!

PavlovtheCat Thu 14-Aug-08 07:39:56


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