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12 week old sleeping too much??

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fairibell Wed 13-Aug-08 16:52:16

My DD (12 weeks) had her 1st lot of Jabs last thursday (few weeks late!) and was understandably very unsettled, which went on all weekend - then since Monday she has sletp 11-8am (unheard of) and sleeping almost all of the day - ie today only up 8-9.30 and 11-12.30, just tried to wake her for feed but fallen back to sleep... - was like this yesterday too... HV seems to think that as she is ok in herself, no temp... smiling etc when she is awake that she is fine, just a phase?? - says they get more settled at about 12 weeks and start eating less? I am not convinced... any advice?? really wishing had avoided the jabs a bit longer, or got them done individually... as was fine until had them?! Called GP and no appointments today... am I being neurotic??

pinata Wed 13-Aug-08 18:05:18

i found it hard with DD's jabs as they always seemed to coincide with changes in her behaviour, and like yours she was never really unwell for long

the nurse makes you think you might get reactions for a day or 2, but in reality, i found each set of jabs stayed in DD's system for a good couple of weeks, and symtpoms like sleeping a lot etc came days after having the jabs

if you think about it, the amount of stuff their body has to deal with once they have them is enormous. that's why they make you wait 4 weeks between jabs. eg. when my DD had her 3rd lot, they had run out of one of the shots and i had to wait 4 weeks to get it done, just to be really sure the last lot have been fully dealt with

i don't think it's overly neurotic to worry - just keep an eye on temperature etc. and try and feed her when she's awake.

AnnasBananas Fri 15-Aug-08 13:49:01

They sleep a lot when having a growth spurt, ie they are literally growing while they are sleeping then a few days later they wake up and eat eat eat to catch up! Perhaps it's the three month growth spurt come early?

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