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Broodymomma Tue 12-Aug-08 21:14:47

How many words does the average 17month old have? My son has one word - he chatters away constantly but only one word is understandable, "brum" - the toy car off the tv he loves it. We read books and sing songs and i chat to him constantly but he just does not seem to be picking up the words. He does follow commands so i know he understands he just cant say the words.

divastrop Tue 12-Aug-08 21:21:03

i dont think there is an 'average' 17 month 17 month dd can say a few words clearly like 'cat'(any animal on the planet is a cat),'mum','dad' etc.she also has alot of her own words for things ,such as 'nun-ner' for dummy(?).

that said,i am on the march 07 post-natal thread and some of the babies arent saying any words atall,whereas others have been reciting shakespeare since their first birthdays(well,almost).

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