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Too much death/shooting talk

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mrsmiller Mon 11-Aug-08 18:25:25

My DS just 3 is a wonderful, intelligent, caring, articulate (for his age) boy and he is in all ways perfect but for one.

i know this has prob been addressed at length but he's gun mad. I appreciate that boys make guns out of lego, toast and jigsaw pieces! And enjoy saying bang bang etc and i'm fine with that to some extent but he's so agressive with it, usually not toward others and often with his toy swords too. But recently it's all been "i'm gonna kill you" shaking and going red and "stab me mummy. Urgh i'm dead." which initially gave us high dramatic future hopes as he was very thespian-esque. But the other day he asked daddy if he could have a puppy and daddy told him that if when our current dog dies we still want one then yes. to which DS replied "can we get baddies to shoot her so we can have a puppy"!!

He loves the dog! And i don't think that it can be argued that he doesn't understand that shooting causes the irreversible effect that is death 'cause he was quite clear.

I don't know who these gun wielding baddies are either. The only thing he watches that isn't educational is Spongebob Square Pants and i sure ain't seen Patrick pull an uzi out on Mr Crabbs!

Should i be concerned that my DS may be a sociopath (they say it starts with animals!!) Should i ignore the 'death play' or just embrace it as a boys mother. i would never punish it 'cause that comes with it's own psychological issues.

My tone is glib but i am concerned


(ps i'm an over thinker. in case you hadn't noticed)

mrsruffallo Mon 11-Aug-08 18:32:25

As you say, he doesn't really comprehend pain or death.
It would annoy me but I would probably grit my teeth and concentrate on other games

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