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Any advice for helping Flameboy be less of a cling monster?

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Flamesparrow Mon 11-Aug-08 08:41:55

He has always been very much mummy's boy. He goes to nursery one morning a week, tends to go in fine now unless he is tired.


This weekend my mum had them all day Saturday, and she was having them all Sunday too. I pulled up outside on Sunday to drop them off and he started sobbing. He clung to me and I had to peel him off.

When he came back yesterday evening he just wanted me to hold him. He went to bed, but then woke up sobbing for me - nothing wrong, just needed to be touching me.

He is the same whenever he has a day away from me

It is nice that he loves me so much, but I am worrying about him starting preschool in October and having more time away from me - I can't handle the peeling him off me every time!!!

Tortington Mon 11-Aug-08 08:44:03

"gerroff n' shut yer gobbins"

sometimes you just have to imo

lazaroulovespastries Mon 11-Aug-08 08:48:31

I had to have ds peeled off me at nursery the other day. As I left he was shouting 'MUmmy, I want mummy'
But he's fine when I go back.
Nothing like a big dose of guilt to start the day!

Oblomov Mon 11-Aug-08 09:09:44

Maybe he needs to be seperated from you more often, for shorter periods of time ?
Then Pre-school may not be such a shock.
Would it help if he spent time with your mum, but for a couple of hours, rather than a whole weekend.
He is being seperated from you for a whole weekend. Maybe that seems like a very long time to him. Maybe you need to include more people, for shorter periods of time ?
He is very young. But do you have a post natal mum, with a similar aged ds, that could take him for an hour.

Would all that ease him in, a bit more gently ?

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