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getting really frustrated - 3 year old talks back all the time!

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justageek Sun 10-Aug-08 23:22:56

hello ladies, i am in need of some good advice please! I am 31 weeks pregnant now, and have a 3.4 year old and a 2.2 year old.

My eldest has become incredibly hard work over the past two weeks. She is pushing any boundary she can, but its the attitude on her just now that is really irriating me.

Everytime me or her dad ask her to do something, it can be anything at all, 99% of the time we are getting told NO (more her dad than me) or, but i dont WANT to, or...BUT...or WHY...all said in a 'its not FAIR' whining tone of voice. If we try to show her how to do something, say do a puzzle, she will go mad at us, then get upset anyway when she cant do it. She wont ask for help, wont allow you to help at all.

From the moment she gets up, to the moment she goes to bed, it is like she is looking for a battle of wills. I try not to take her on, but after 14 days of this constant behaviour, i am getting really irritated now...and her younger sister at 2.2 years is starting to copy.

Please tell me how on earth i deal with this??

justageek Sun 10-Aug-08 23:24:55

she also 'knows it all' just now too. for example, she may say something like, her top is red when its blue. If i say, its not red DD your top is blue, she will say no its not. If i insist that it is, she will burst into tears. So we cant even 'teach' her things anymore, as she has just decided she knows everything.

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