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Unbuckling car seat

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Plumber Sat 09-Aug-08 14:33:59


I have a little girl who is nearly 4. We have had some behavioural problems for a while and are working on these. the big issue for us at the moment is that she keeps undoing her seat belt whilst in the car and if she is being particularly difficult, she will keep doing it over and over again despite us threatening her with removal of toys, going to bed without stories etc.

Are there any ideas out there to help us - either discipline techniques or a technological solution? thanks

ChasingSquirrels Sat 09-Aug-08 14:35:09

Is this an adult belt or a car seat belt?
If an adult belt, could she go back into a proper car seat as they are harder to undo?

nannynz Sat 09-Aug-08 19:11:52

It's the scariest thing when this happens. For one of my charges who did it I ended up been really strict, everytime he did it I would pull over asap and rebuckle it. He had two older brothers who used to pressure him into not doing it, eg if they saw him going to undo it they start saying stop,stop etc. Also at teh same time I started giving out a jelly bean to the children who didn't undo their seat belt, don't think I used it every trip but definetly did do it for the trips when I had to stop three or four times. I also took him to the police open day and got the police man to say how important seat belts are to keep you safe and how he wore his. I also used to sing the McDonalds song about wearing a seat belt. I also always made him aware of where we were going and made sure he had a toy. He was in a proper car seat and could open all the clips, it was really scary and one day i got so mad that I really got cross at him, I never had had to be so cross or never was again at him and he stopped doing it not long after that. It was probably about a month all up that he did it.

You could always try a sticker chart it may work.

OneLieIn Sat 09-Aug-08 19:18:36

I used to pull over, redo it. Then this happened a couple too many times, I drove DS to local police station, marched him in and he never ever ever did it again. Wicked mother

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