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How should I deal with ds (2.7) saying f**ck

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MerryMarigold Sat 09-Aug-08 11:42:28

He has learned this from a friend of his (goodness knows where his friend learnt it...the neighbours big kids I think). The friend knows it gets a reaction from his Mum and so has taken to shouting it at the top of his voice over and over. Ds obviously likes the sound of it, and the other mum's reaction, and so has started. Tbh, we only see them about once a month, but has been enough on one visit to get it into ds's little head.

I have taken the road of ignoring it as of course ds does not know what it means and don't want him to know it gets a reaction from me as he can then really USE it. But am still mortified that he may start saying it in nursery or shouting it in the supermarket. Not sure whether to teach him it is wrong (he is old enough to be learning this, as we teach it with hitting/ kicking balls in house/ throwing food) or whether to keep ignoring it.

Advice please?

sdc1110 Sat 09-Aug-08 12:00:38

When ds1 one said it we told hom it was not a nice word and he was not to say it. Then when he said another word (think it was pappy or one of his other made up words) we rolled about laughing and being really over the top. Within a couple of days he stopped swearing and was saying the other word for a reaction

MerryMarigold Sat 09-Aug-08 12:07:34

thanks sdc, good plan. i haven't noticed him saying any other 'made-up' words but will keep an ear out and give them a very positive reaction - or maybe we will have to make some up!

he hardly says it, so it's not something regular to really 'deal with', but just occasionally (like once a week) he will start shouting it in the same way as dear little friend.

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