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Constantly hungry 3 yr old - help?

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Jbck Sat 12-Feb-05 23:50:50

DD was 3 at end of September & has always been a good eater but with what I would consider a fairly normal appetite. Recently though she's no sooner finished one meal or snack & she's asking for another. Between breakfast & lunchtime she could quite literally just eat non-stop if I gave into every request. She's not asking for sweets or biscuits particularly as she's quite a healthy eater (much better than her Mummy) . Is this maybe just a little growing phase, she's always been constantly on the go too & is a bit underweight but HV not really concerned as she is so active. She started nursery 4 mornings in January and they have a snack table the kids can go to whenever they feel like & help themselves but she doesn't seem to bother with that & her keyworker is going to try & sit with her every day to make sure she's having a drink at least whilst she's there. This makes me think it is a behavioural thing & not real hunger but if I don't give in at least some of the time she's begging me for stuff. Before she eats us out of house & home has anyone experienced similar? Thanks

colditzmum Sat 12-Feb-05 23:55:48

I think if she isn't eating at nursery, she will be making up for it at hom.

Also, horrible thought but distinct possibility in the circumstances, could it be threadworms? Kids are often very hungry with these, and the "free access" table for snacks doesn't point to good hand hygiene at the nursery, and all those dirty little hands in all that food .... that's how threadworm spread... sorry..

mummytojames Sun 13-Feb-05 00:01:38

my ds 18 months is going through it now try giving her stuff like porridge and as much as she likes of it for breakfast when shes asking for a snack ask if she would prefere a drink first because she could be mistakeing the thirst signal for hunger signals (very comon in older children and adult)if shes on the go alot try just leaving fruit around the place for her to grab as and when she wants it because it does sound like shes trying to take in the same amount as shes burning off which realy is a good thing also try giving her high carb foods like pasta or rice for dinners as this will give a slow release of energy and stop he feeling hungry all the time
and at this point i know some may disagree with me but i would never refuse a child food if they say there hungry i would give the drink option first but if they still want food after that i would make them a sandwich

Skribble Sun 13-Feb-05 01:31:50

It might put your mind at rest to consult your doctor re. worms etc. but if all clear it sounds like a growth spurt, as long as she is active she'll burn off loads. Maybe lots of healthy snacks and water or sugar free juice to help fill up not fatten up.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 13-Feb-05 06:55:55

My DS1 is about the same age - and he has weeks where he doesn't eat, and weeks where he eats loads. She may well be running around more at nursery, and not eating there, so she needs to catch up.

I don't think kids this age will eat more than they need, particularly if they're only being offered healthy food. I'd just let her gorge - in a week or two, she'll be eating less.

Jbck Sun 13-Feb-05 16:06:11

Colditzmum love the name btw, we've always kidded her on that she has a worm which eats her dinner because she's always had a big appetite for such a tiny slim thing wish I had her luck. Although the snacks are free access there's always one of the girls sitting nearby who makes sure they wash their hands before & after & things like cereal come out of one of those machines that deliver a set portion when you turn a knob & fruit's in little plastic tubs & stuff so even though I wouldn't eat there I think it is fairly hygenic presume she'd be scratching at her bottom tho' as well & there's no sign of that. I'll keep an eye out for little wriggly things just in case. Looks like it might just be a growth thing but at her 36 mth check the HV gave us a 'tempting toddlers' booklet because she is down at 4th centile for her weight & everything in it she eats several times a day. Loves rice, pasta, potatoes more so than meat, loves chicken and fish. Has lots of yoghurt/custard type things after her dinner. I also leave little bowls with mini-breadsticks, cheese cubes & bits of apple or raisins lying during the morning but she's wanting them filled 2 & 3 times before lunch. She also has free access at home to water all day which she prefers to juice so I can't see it being thirst. I'll need to go back to work full-time just to fund her appetite

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