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What on earth is in gripe water? Stripped the colour from our leather sofa!

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Minkus Fri 08-Aug-08 12:50:25

DS2 is 5 weeks old and a terribly windy little chap, thankfully not colicky just a big old gas bag.

Infacol hasn't really helped and so I've tried gripe water, which does help him to bring trapped air up in some huge man-burps.

Last night I balanced the bottle on the arm of the sofa and there was a little bit on the bottom of the bottle- there is now a light brown ring on my dark brown leather sofa angry sad blush! If it does that to my sofa what on earth is it doing to my poor ds's innards?

The boots website says it contains sodium bicarbonate, sounds like a cooking ingredient more than anything. So does anyone know how it works to help with trapped wind?

Not really a development question but at a loss where else to put this!

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