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How do I solve the problem of the BOTTOM STAIR????

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StellaWasADiver Thu 07-Aug-08 08:26:27

DS is 9 months, and can climb the stairs, very well and very fast. Of course he has no concept of 'down the stairs' though hmm

Have finally sourced a stairgate to fit BUT it will be on the second step because that's where the bannister begins.

Have images of DS climbing up to the first stair and then falling horribly backwards...

Obviously whenever we catch him near them we move him and try to distract him but before you know it there he is again...

Any advice?

ApuskiDusky Thu 07-Aug-08 08:32:55

Same problem stairs here, stairgate is on the third step. But it only took a day of me moving ds' legs down the step for him to understand how to get back down again, as long as he stays in a kneeling position, which mostly he does. If he stands he still hasn't a clue, and I have to rescue him!

He goes to the stairs less now I'm not running over every time he does!

Walnutshell Thu 07-Aug-08 08:33:15

we just put a gate on the next step up and didn't think about the first step. mind, as ds fell down most of the stairs aged 10 months, one step didn't seem like much risk. I suppose you could put a thick rug at the bottom in case. he'll bounce

butterflybessie Thu 07-Aug-08 08:36:42

In my vast experience (4 dcs) children do learn what is dangeroussmile

They learn by experience and if you can fence off the stairs, except the bottom one, then your ds should be oksmile

Good luck

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Thu 07-Aug-08 08:41:13

I didn't use stairgates for ds2 or ds3. DS3 was up and about early but very safe on them - we taught him to come down backwards on his tummy.

Elkat Thu 07-Aug-08 11:12:57

We did use stairgates, but also taught our DDs to come down on their tummies, so that they couldn't topple forward iyswim! By ten months they were both able to climb up and down safely, but never unsupervised but it was good to have that peace of mind that they could do it, juts in case the stairgate was accidentally left open or something.

Twiglett Thu 07-Aug-08 11:14:36

you watch him for a few months and constant repetition of how to come down and then you don't have anything to worry about

AMumInScotland Thu 07-Aug-08 11:18:14

We had this problem - we put two stairgates across hallways instead of one across the stairs - it depends whether you would have that option with your layout though.

Hassled Thu 07-Aug-08 11:20:32

If he falls down one stair he won't be badly hurt, surely? You could just have a trip hazard cushiony type thing on the floor in front of the stair until he's a bit bigger.

grovelodge Sat 06-Sep-08 16:16:40

When my son was small I had a stairgate fixed across the bottom step of the stairs. It was made of wood, hinged to the post on one side with an opening latch on the other. But the magic thing was that when it opened it could be raised and folded back against the stair rails rather than opening outwards away from the stairs. That gate is long gone, but now I want another one, this time for my granddaughter. But I can't find one anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions?

UniS Sat 06-Sep-08 16:45:30

Have never had a stairgate at the bottom, it would open across kitchen doorway, and be on 3rd step. Boy LIKES sitting on the bottom step. Hes tumbed off once or twice, he bounced, its not much more than falling over from standing anyway, less if hes sat down and gone sideways.
If your floor is hard put a rubber backed mat at foot of stairs to pad it slightly.

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