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travelling wiht 4months old baby

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mamserafina Wed 06-Aug-08 00:10:47

we're off for a few weeks abroad - in Europe, and I have received today the invitation for dd to have her 3rd jab next Tuesday.
She's up to date with her 2 months and 3 months jab, but I completely forgot of the 4th month. We are leaving tomorrow early morning, so no chance to have it done before we leave.

Do you think it's dangerous for her to travel without the 4th month booster or it's not big deal and we can do it when we come back?

chipmonkey Wed 06-Aug-08 00:37:02

Well, I brought my 9 week old away to Portugal and he had not had one set of jabs! If you think about it, she could be more at risk of picking something up hanging around the baby clinic than she would on holidays!

angel1976 Wed 06-Aug-08 13:57:15

It should be fine! My DS travelled to Singapore without his 4 month jabs... The doctor said to come back and do it and we did his jabs in his 19th week (he was on time for all his others!). The doctor said as long as there the jabs have to be at least 4 weeks apart but going for a longer period apart is not a problem!

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