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temper tantrums at 9 months????

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mumtoo3 Tue 05-Aug-08 07:38:04

Hi all,

i did post this in the wrong section yesterday blush

has anyones little darling had a temper tantrum, this young, and if so how do you deal with it?

she normally does it if i tell her no eg putting her fingers in the dvd player, touching the hot oven, pulling the dog around or putting stones in her mouth!!!!

i am not new at being a mum but my older two are 5.5yr and 2.5yr, and they have naughty corners, reward charts, warnings etc. how do you tell a 9 month old???

spudballoo Tue 05-Aug-08 07:45:44

My 17mth old started with full on tantrums at about this time. I tell him no (which he didn't understand at that point, but he did after a few months), then i physically take him away from whatever it is, or take it off him and put him on the floor away from the cause of the issue. Then I get down to his level and put on my sternest voice, look him in the eye and say, 'No, we don't put toys in the DVD player. Mummy is not happy with you. Do you understand'. He now sticks his bottom lip out and nods very seriously (I have to try soooo hard not to laugh) and then I walk away and leave him yelling for a minute or so.

It normally burns out pretty fast. But full on ones can last 20 mins, I just ignore for as much as possible unless he's becomng dangerous to himself hmm

The tantrums improved a lot as he started to walk and talk, plus he absolutely knows that when i say 'no' I mean it. So a 'no, come away' works about 90% of the time. But we get the occasional corker....

He's very spirited and needs firm handling. I'm sure a lot of people would be horrified how firm and strict I was with him from a very early age, but I'm sure this has paid off as his behaviour is SO different now.

He's my second child, very different from my angelic FB!

Hope this helps a little. xx

seeker Tue 05-Aug-08 07:52:41

She's 9 months old. I'm afraid you have to keep her away from the dog, the oven and the dvd player - she's too young to understand.

mumtoo3 Tue 05-Aug-08 10:32:08

thanks at least i know i am not alone on it my other two were a bit older, its a nightmare when the 2.5yr old is getting abit better, the youngest starts sods law i suppose!!!!

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