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Does this sound like ADHD?

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ThreeWeeKings Mon 04-Aug-08 14:31:48

I have growing concerns about my ds who is 5 and I am wondering if it's time to see a psychologist with the question of ADHD in my mind.

He is very active, never still. He talks all the time and asks constant questions, usually asking the next one before I have have answered the one before. If he can't think of anything to say he just makes random noises. He is always very loud and noisy. He interrupts all the time and talks over the top of everyone else. He can concentrate on something he really wants to do, but only for a very short time on someone else's agenda. He is very easily distracted and can't carry out anything more than a simple instruction.

He changed schools halfway through reception. In the first school they were concerned about his behaviour and asked me to get his hearing tested - it was fine. In his current school they have not been so concerned but do say his concentration and motivation are poor. He has not really got going with reading at all. I know he is still young but I do think his learning is being affected.

He seemed calmer once the holidays started - I assume because he could do more of what he wanted to do. But today he went reluctantly to a swimming lesson and has been crazy since then. It was as if half an hour of having to follow someone else's agenda completely changed his behaviour. Apparently he didn't pay any attention in the lesson (and I've paid for a course!). I try not to push him into things but I want him to learn to swim and he really enjoys splashing around in the water, as long as it's on his terms.

At the moment he is watching TV with dd but is kicking furniture and jumping all over dd. Normally TV time is the only time he sits quietly but not even that is working today. Sometimes I think he is just at the active end of normal but I do have a niggling feeling something is not right.

Sorry this is long - thanks for taking time to read and would really appreciate comments for any of you with experience in this area.

BriocheDoree Mon 04-Aug-08 14:42:53

I can't help, but if you post this on Special Needs, there are several parents of kids there with ADHD (my DD has different SN, but I've seen posts in the past) and they might be able to advise. Also, if you have any concerns, it can be worth talking to your GP because you lose nothing by finding out and he can refer you to the appropriate professional (which might be dev. paed. rather than psych) and if there IS a problem, you're better off knowing and being able to get the right help.

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