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THUMBGUARD- ANYONE USED IT? (is prettycandles about??)

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noonar Sun 03-Aug-08 21:15:53

ok, dd2 is just 4. she is an agressive thumb sucker with an already very open bite/ 'goofy' looking teeth sad. i really wouldnt worry about the thumbsucking in its own right- it looks rather cute- but i do worry about her teeth.

tonight we are using thumbguard for the first time. she was very happy to put it on...until bedtime. i snuggled up with her but she started to get a bit stressed having it on. so i sent dh out to buy 'stop and grow' and thought we might try that for night times instead. anyway, he's just got back from the chemist and she seems to have fallen asleep with it on her wrist.

i've got quite a few reservations about the guard, tbh. has anyone else used it? i'm just not going to be able to see this through if dd is upset by it.

anyone got any advice?

( please dont tell me not to worry about her baby teeth- her sis had lost 6 teeth by the end of Reception year at school, so dd2 may well also get her adult teeth early.aaagh!)

googgly Sun 03-Aug-08 21:29:01

No, but will watch with interest as ds2 is the same.

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