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17 mnth old grinding teeth & biting inside mouth - anyone experienced?

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lucamom Sat 02-Aug-08 20:59:29

My 17 month old son has started grinding his teeth loudly, and also chewing the inside of his mouth. The other morning he did it so much or so hard there was a small amount of blood in his mouth.

Is this normal, or should I be doing something to stop it (and if so, what?)

Thanks in advance for any advice

nct73 Sat 02-Aug-08 23:24:05

I have a 20 mo grinder. it's horrid. i watch your thread with interest.

commanderchaos Sun 03-Aug-08 11:24:52

Our DS (3 in Sept) is a toothgrinder, and it's very common in young children, apparently, with peaks around the time that they first begin getting teeth and then when they lose them. In DS's case, though, he does it most when he has an ear infection, and I think it's because he's trying to relieve some pressure in his ear. Hth.

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