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madame Thu 31-Jul-08 20:00:59

My dd will be 3 in September and she has really cranked up the madame behaviour just lately. She can be very difficult at times, demanding, shouting if she doesn't get her own way and just difficult. Silly things like getting pjs on can become a real battle.

I have started to use time out for really bad things like tapping in an aggressive way or shouting and screaming when she can't get her own way. The problem is because she is like this alot of the time I feel I am having to be quite firm and enforce lots of things. I don;t want a spoilt brat so I don't let things go. I just worry this is her and not just a phase.........I just feel a bit sorry for myeslf today as all I seem to be doing is reinging her in because she is challenging me all the time.

Today on the way back from nursery I bought her an ice cream, it wasn't the one she wanted so she threw it angry I told her firmly that I was cross and why etc but I just wish she wouldn't do it in the first place....

Will this faze pass of all this me me me. She can be very good and she has a very caring nature. The other thing I worry about it, is how to deal with this out and about as I know she knows when we are out it is difficult for me to enforce things as I do at home.
Sorry such a long thread but I just needed to get it out....

DiscoDizzy Thu 31-Jul-08 20:11:13

DD2 is 3 and we had problems with her when she was 2. I started to use the 'if you don't do X or if you don't stop doing x by the time i've counted to 5 then you're going on the naughty corner (or similar)'. She got the hang of it. When in public I did exactly the same, but i'd sit her in the place she was standing and I just had to get over the fact that half the people in the shops would be looking at me.

madame Thu 31-Jul-08 20:13:44

Thanks,I have tried the naughty step. It did used to work but in the last 2 months she is so stubborn that I could be putting her back down on it up to 60 70 times. I can't tell you how hard it was. I really need to have a solution where I could get to number 3 and she stops but I don;t know how to get there

DiscoDizzy Thu 31-Jul-08 20:17:21

Perhaps start giving her so much 'nice' attention and ignore the bad behaviour (if you can) and that may throw her. That was another thing with DD2. If I stop paying her enough attention, i.e. cuddles, kisses, playing etc then she will start to pay up. Talk to her in a very overly nice manner. Really turn it around and see if that works.

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