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Can someone give me some advice? Temper tantrums due to tiredness in my...

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yousaidit Thu 31-Jul-08 16:12:42

... mate's 4yr old son. Her dd was not like this (i know girls can be different in their behaviour to boys and don't want to use her as a measuring stick thingy) but frinds ds settled in anursery brilliantly when he went a few months ago, goes 5 mornings a week, absolutey not remotely bothered about starting school, plays fabwith my dcs, but he hates having to go to sleep and my friend is trying to get rid of his day nap for school etc, however if he gets really tired ghe gets v grotty (wailing, refusing his tea saying noit what he wanted when he picked it) slinging toys or just going out of way to slap his ds o=and on past two occasions when my friend has dealt with him (removes him from room, either naughty step or goes to his room by himself which has been their long term effective discipline) he has slapped is mum in the face and screamed at her. my frioend knows that at 4 they can be coming into their own with regards to personalities, but any advice, horrr stories with happy endings or stuff? smile

yousaidit Thu 31-Jul-08 16:13:56

also when he has slapped her she has just said i'm not happy with what you've just done, you stay on naughty step / wherever and you thunk about what you need to do, her son knows he needs to apologise and then line drawn under matter and frghotton about. he does get told not to hit etc.

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