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'th', 'f' and 's'

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PinkChick Thu 31-Jul-08 09:06:15

my dd who is 5 and in no way behind in development or abilty still has trouble with her 's', 'th' and 'f'..for eg she will say "beth" as "bef" and "Gracie" as "Grathie" is not THAT soticable, im in teesside and i think its the way most people speak ("free" for three etc), but she CAN say these sounds porperly, mentione dit to teacher and she said she hadnt noticedhmm? but to just repeat the work using the correct sound, but by doing this i feeel like im 'getting at' ddsad...spoke to cousin's wife who is also teacher and she suggested samehmm...has anyone had this problem and been able to correct it without constantly correcting them?

Shitehawk Thu 31-Jul-08 09:12:45

You don't have to say it as if you're getting at her. Don't correct her, just use the word normally whenever she says it incorrectly.

She says "I can see Grathie", you say "Oh, yes, I can see Gracie, too". She says "Can Bef come round to play?", you say "Beth can come for tea on Thursday".

PinkChick Thu 31-Jul-08 09:18:13

yeah that what i did initially, but both teachers have suggested a repeat just the work shes incorrectly sounded and get her to repeat it?

Beth (Bef) was a girl at cousins party last night who dd thought was fab, her brother also had speech prob, so i told dd about it on way home and said its not a prob, but that we must try and say names/words correctly as Beth, isnt Bef..dd seems to be really trying this morning with me, but obv while playing slips back to old way?

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