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DD driving me mad!!

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3monkeys Tue 29-Jul-08 15:45:47

when we have friends over to play. She is nearly 7 so I think she should be a lot better than this. We met some friends for a picnic at lunchtime. that was fine. then it started to rain so they came back here to play. They were only here about 1.5 hours and she fell out with her friend about 4 times! This always seems to happen - they won't play her game or play it right.

When will she grow out of this? The parents are always very nice about her but I find it so embarassing

MrsTiddles Tue 29-Jul-08 18:43:20

One and a half hours is perhaps a bit of a long time if she's been with them outside first too.

Personally I am an adult and I can only tolerate many of my friends for a maximum of 90 mins without getting ratty, it must be difficult for a 7 yr old.

Is she an only child? I was and I think that can make the difference in terms of needing a break and some space from everyone (not to sound precious or anything...!)

3monkeys Tue 29-Jul-08 23:07:08

No, she's the middle one of three! And she has always been used to going out for the day with friends, we did it a lot before she went to school. It's just getting to the stage where I am put off having anyone over to play because I know how it will end!

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