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McLaren Twin Techno - suitable from birth?

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daisyhun Tue 29-Jul-08 15:25:05

We've just added DD2 to our household and bought the McLaren Twin Techno as it was suitable from birth.

Does anyone else have this and used it from birth? The seats do not seem to recline very far at all and I am worried about putting the new baby into it.

quinne Tue 29-Jul-08 16:08:52

I used it and after 8 months gave up on it as a bad job. The baby is not well supported, true but the real issue is how hard it is to push around when you have a toddler and a large baby.

I got a three wheeler side by side double buggy after that which was much much better.

Can you change it?

penona Tue 29-Jul-08 16:14:32

I used this from birth for our twins as was the only model which fitted through our front door. But they never spent terribly long in it until about 3 mths anyway (and then only a few hours a day I suppose). It didn't look that comfortable, but they always slept well. I made is more of a nest with some blankets etc so was more comfy.

I also have a 3 wheeler Nipper twin buggy, which was amazing when they were little tiny, but now they never sleep in the buggy it isn't that great as the seats are too low slung for them to see out. but it is easier to push.

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