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20 month old DD keeps hitting me!

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Daffodilly Mon 28-Jul-08 14:11:30

OK so it doesn't exactly hurt - but I am not sure how to handle.

I think it is down to frustration usually. Toy not cooperating - smack Mummy. Not getting own way - smack Mummy again. Ocassionally I think she does it to get my attention if I am busy doing something.

She knows it is wrong. If I tell her off she then says "gentle patting" and will pat gently to make it better (unless she is really in a temper).

DH thinks we should ignore it altogether. Any suggestions? I'm also 3 mths pg so want to nip aggression (esp towards me) in the bud early on.

woose Mon 28-Jul-08 18:52:30

I get this from DS too. He has done it since about 1 and now 22 months. He only ever does it to me though. He does it when he is tired in the hour before he goes to bed and I never know what the best thing to do is. Your DD may be a bit young but we have started putting him in the naughty corner when he does this. However, not sure it is working because he thinks it is a game, he looks round and smiles and sometimes he smacks me and then runs to the corner shouting naughty corner, naughty corner, as if he wants to go there. I definitely think it is for attention and your DH may be right to try and ignore it, but is so difficult because I find that when I want to be close to him and give him a cuddle in the evening it just gives him the perfect opportunity to lash out. I guess I would like advice too on this issue. I am also expecting another DC in a few weeks, so I am thinking that things may get worse.

Daffodilly Mon 28-Jul-08 18:59:21

Thanks for replying. It isn't really the worst problem at the moment. But I feel I need to handle it properly rather than let it escalate.

A RL friend suggested that they hit the people they feel safest with - rather than say a stranger who might have a less pleasant response. So perhaps I should be flattered that I seem to bear the brunt of this form of expression!

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