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one year old refusing milk all day

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ejsmom Sun 27-Jul-08 22:10:01

hi - i'm new here. my son is one and today he has hardly taken any milk at all. he's had some water, but not loads, and eaten food and fruit. he didn't take milk with any meals just refusing or spitting out. tonight at bedtime he had an oz.
we are in the middle of sleep training - we had a sleep expert come to us this week and one of our huge problems was my son waking and expecting feeding in the night.
so, should i feed him milk if he wakes? we would offer water anyway as it is so hot. but i don't want to undo the work we've done with the sleep training as he has never slept through until this week. will he be okay if he has only a couple of oz of milk over a full day?
i hope someone can help

LittleDorrit Sun 27-Jul-08 22:55:42

I am assuming that your DS is not breast feeding anymore - and that he is just having formula or normal milk. I think that as long as he is having other fluids and some solids, then it's really not a problem that he is not wanting his milk. My DD was never a fan of milk, and by the time she was about 10 months she was only ever having small amounts of milk in the morning. If you are worried about him getting his calcium, try him on some yoghurt or maybe some grated cheese in his solids.

nelix2000 Mon 28-Jul-08 10:22:11

agree with Dorrit, put it in him through food. My ds aslo wasnt into milk at this age, but is back to drinking a cup morming and night. He takes one to bed and drinks it himself and i remove it before i go to bed. good luck and dont worry

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