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mummy2t Sun 27-Jul-08 20:30:41

Hi, My 41/2 yr old has been complaining of leg pain since fri night.
On fri he started with a cold and had some vomitting, although it was just bile and crap that had collected on his chest overnight thro the cold. he has just chilled out all weekend, had the odd nap etc. it hasnt been so painful that he couldnt walk, just that he has mentioned it
quite afew time. says the pain is all down his legs.
he has been at nursery full time last week so had more activity ( running about ) that usual, could it that he has just over used his legs?? do i sound stupid?? i have gradually talked myself into him having allsorts wrong with him. am going to book appointment with gp 2moro but in the meantime any advice would be great.


PeaMcLean Sun 27-Jul-08 20:43:22

If he's got a bit of the lurgy, could it just be that his legs feel wobbly and achy?

Or growing pains?

NKffffffffa3ed272dX1195357870c Sun 27-Jul-08 21:05:32

my daughter had really bad pains in her legs which were growing pains. They went on for about 6months and I was really worried. She is tall for her age and beanpole. She drank lots of water which helped butnothing really took the pains away.

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