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8 month old sleeping problems

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soxy Sun 27-Jul-08 19:32:35


Up until a month or so ago our 8 month old daughter was pretty much a good sleeper, but recently she has become a nightmare every night and we are starting to pull our hair out!

We first put it down to teething but she is just fine during the day, smiling and laughing etc. So we're assuming she is having an issue with being in her cot? She just goes mental (screaming, gurgling, kicking the mattress etc), sometimes its shortly after she goes to bed, other times its 11pm/midnight and takes hours to settle her.

Shes had a check up at the docs and been given the ok so we don't know how to tackle this. Someone suggested controlled crying but not sure if this would be the solution, so would be keen to hear of any advice on anything we could try to try and solve this problem!


MogTheForgetfulCat Sun 27-Jul-08 20:31:01

Sorry, no advice, just sympathy - we are going through something similar with DS2 (5 months) at the moment. He was a good sleeper, waking only to feed and then going straight back down to sleep. But at the moment, he is up A LOT in the night, not always wanting to feed, moaning, thrashing around, crying etc.

<tired emoticon>

We have also been inclined to put it down to teeth - maybe your DD is happier during the day because there are other things to focus on, but when she's in bed in the dark, she realises her teeth are hurting (or I have read that sometimes teeth coming through/moving about cause itching of the gums rather than pain, which sounds ghastly)?

Is she crawling or looking like she might soon? I recall DS1 being a pain to settle when he was on the brink of crawling, he seemed to have twitchy limbs and be wanting to try and crawl around the cot, then getting stuck in the bars etc. Duffer.

I haven't done cc, so can't tell you whether that would be likely to work for you or not.

Sorry, probably been no help at all!

jabuti Mon 28-Jul-08 22:30:48

hi there,

at night teething is worse because its cooler so it can cause pain. and what mog said is true too, because the babies are distracted during the day, they dont notice as much. as my hv said, teething is like a cronic headache, and its easier to deal with if you can get your mind off of it (which is not possible at bed time).

i think babies go through phases, your baby might be dealing with lots of things at once: teething, learning crawling/balance, different ways to play with objects.

my baby was never a good sleeper, until we used baby whisperer and sometimes controlled cried methods. she stills goes off the rail sometimes, but now that she is 12 months we know her signs pretty well to tell there is something else going on.

i hope it helps.

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