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18 month old biting

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BlueyDragon Sat 26-Jul-08 00:31:03

DD has, over the past 2 days, bitten her nursery friend 3 times. She's bitten us occasionally, more from curiosity and because a body part was close to her mouth than out of malice, but this targeted biting is new. She was also bitten (by the same child, I think - nursery are very po faced on this) two days ago. According to nursery the trigger seems to be wanting the same toy or being in the same personal space.

I'm inclined to not make a massive deal out of it if she does it with us, just make it clear that it's not acceptable, sit her in the corner and ignore her for a short period and ask her to say sorry. Obviously we never see it when she's at nursery so short of talking to her about it it seems daft to try and do anything about those incidents.

Sound sensible to everyone?

SciFiFan Sat 26-Jul-08 10:17:35

Sounds good to me BD. The nursery that my 28 month goes to is having a biting problem. They asked a Health Visitor to come in and give some tips to the staff as to how to handle it but I don't know if it's done much good.

My DS has been bitten twice and yesterday he tried to bite me (like your DD it was more playful exuberance than malice). I did like you and put him on the floor and ignored him for two minutes. Hopefully that will have nipped it in the bud.

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