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16 mo dd "rubbing" herself on pram/highchair strap.

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dmfine1 Fri 25-Jul-08 16:51:12

I know this is probably a normal part of development, but... Sometimes when are out, it starts to get a little embarassing that we can't stop our DD from "freaking" in her chair.

Anyone else have this "problem"??

MrsFearnleyWhittingstall Fri 25-Jul-08 16:52:49

My dd used to do it all the time in her highchair ,to her it is just a nice feelling iyswim?

Not much you can do about it apart from distracting her .HTH

claricebeansmum Fri 25-Jul-08 16:52:57

If you had a DS you would not worry. They have to constantly have a hand attached to their willy.

dmfine1 Fri 25-Jul-08 16:56:30

Ha ha! Yes, my DD did that too, but it didn't seem to last so long with him. Besides, that was mostly when he was naked, so he didn't do it in public.

Nothing seems to distract my DD, and she's been doing this for months. I was rather hoping she'd grow out of it by now. I don't mind so much when it's at home, BUT it does actually distract her sometimes from eating!

LazyLinePainterJane Fri 25-Jul-08 17:18:53

DS has only just (quite late IMO) discovered his new best friend at 2.11 and has spent most of the last 2 weeks playing. He is not totally obsessed with being naked from th waist down.

dmfine1 Fri 25-Jul-08 17:32:28

Ok, well, reassuring at least that she sounds completely normal. Not that I'm hung up, or anything, it's just a little embarassing when we're it public and it's so obvious...

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