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Why has my 6 month old decided to wake up at 4.15 am and practise 'talking' for an hour only to go back to sleep?

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Ledodgy Fri 25-Jul-08 11:40:22

Please. He isn't crying or hungry etc just spends an hour saying 'daddadadd', mmmmm' lala etc etc. Quite happily then goes back to sleep 5.15 am until 6.30. It's cute and all that but not at 4.15 am and it's keeping me awake. Anything I can do or do I just ride it out. The others used to do this on waking up at a reasonable hour but never like this!

juuule Fri 25-Jul-08 11:42:32

If he goes back to sleep and doesn't need you to get up to him, then personally I'd just be grateful

Ledodgy Fri 25-Jul-08 11:43:05

No but he is still in our room so it's keeping me awake!

Ledodgy Fri 25-Jul-08 11:44:03

I don't want to move him yet because we've only just got 2.5 year old ds into his own room which ds2 eventually is going to have to share but only when he's big enough for a bed (bunk beds) as the cot won't fit in!

toodlepips Fri 25-Jul-08 11:54:17

me too...
same age, and just started doing it the last week.
do you get out much during the day? i exposed him to a whole day outside in the sun/shade, mooching around windsor, and it seem to have 'reset' his clock again.
hope it works for you...

Ledodgy Fri 25-Jul-08 12:02:27

Yeah we go out once a day , have to especialy since it's the school holidays or i'd be climbing the walls! It is only the one hour he wakes up for then goes back to sleep tis very strange!

juuule Fri 25-Jul-08 12:11:17


perapera Sat 02-Aug-08 21:06:33

Ledodgy, I just saw this thread and it all sounds very familiar! Just like my DD. Just wondering if you've had any progress?

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