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Very Shy toddler starting Pre School, any advice please , any other mums in my situation?

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Spotsanddots Thu 24-Jul-08 18:30:52

Hi there, My DD will be 3 in Aug and has had a two week taster session at her pre school. The first week I stayed with her and she really enjoyed it. She would not let me more than 3 feet away from her, but joined in all the activities painting etc etc. This week she has been on her own and is happy to be left , but clings to the teacher, wont speak or join in any activities, or sit down with the others for a snack. She sits on the teachers lap or just watches. I know that she will come out of her shell eventually, but i do worry. Is there any other mums who is in the same boat or who can offer me some advice. She is really well socialised and we have lots of friends around and she is happy in the home environment. When we go to anyones house she tends to stay close to me or drags me to to floor to play and give her reaasurance. Please help, any advice, welcome

Hannah81 Thu 24-Jul-08 18:33:46

it's still early yet - give her a few more weeks and she will start joining in and making friends - try not to worry.
she will be fine

juuule Thu 24-Jul-08 19:57:46

She sounds happy enough. Just doing things in her own time.

harpomarx Thu 24-Jul-08 20:01:02

my dd is often like that still (nearly 4). It took her a good while to settle into nursery and she is still one of the shy ones - but does talk, join in etc. Very like yours too, in that she is very comfortable - extrovert, in fact - at home, but can be very clingy at other people's houses. I think you just have to go with it and let her find her feet. She will get there in the end smile

ps I know how it can be frustrating, especially when you see other kids the same age happily tearing off without a backward glance!

Spotsanddots Fri 25-Jul-08 10:22:12

Thank you everyone, its nice to feel that i a not the only one in this situation. Thanks for all your comments. She went today and did not cry which was a positive, she seems to enjoy it, so i will hang on in there and be patient. It just may take a liitle time, Thanks Again, you all made me feel much better

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