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Another potty training question

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Trix11 Wed 23-Jul-08 08:56:44

My dd is 23 months and for the last couple of weeks has asked to wear knickers and is resistant to nappies. So on Monday I thought we may as well go for it. On Monday she had a few accidents but did use the potty but this was mostly because I kept sitting her on it throughout the day. Yesterday we had to go out a few times and it was one accident after another. Have I been a bit premature with this or should I stick to it now that she has gone two days without nappies and make sure I stay in the house / garden for a few days, or should I go back to nappies?

BayeauxT Wed 23-Jul-08 12:55:40

Does she tell you when she needs to wee? A more important sign of readiness than wanting to wear knickers I think. However much she might want to wear knickers, if she can't tell yet that she needs to go, then she'll just carry on having accidents. If she does show awareness of needing to go, then I would stay stick with it for a few more days but try to stay close to home or where you know you can keep putting her on a toilet regularly (I used one of those porta potties which was great)

Good luck

Trix11 Wed 23-Jul-08 18:50:24

No, she tells me when she needs a poo and when she has done a wee!! I guess she is not ready yet.

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