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bedtime.. 2yo

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Debra1981 Mon 21-Jul-08 23:40:06

I put my dd in bed about 7, she usually wants me to stay with her, screams if i leave, but then if i stay she doesnt settle, just lies there grinnin at me, then after a while starts playin with her feet, then crawling around the bed. whether i leave her to cry or stay with her, she doesnt go to sleep til about 9pm. please help!

bubblagirl Tue 22-Jul-08 14:00:07

what is your routine before bed is she wasting enough energy before bed could you take on little walk get bit fresh air and tire her out slightly

go to bed when in read story for 10 mins then say sleep time sit with back to her in room and do not respomnd to any attempt to get your attention as long as she is in bed let her play with her feet just in soft voice sshhh sleep time and then no more conversation

just sit with back to her she will go off and time does get shorter but i find with my ds he needs an energy release sometimes before bed as just not tired enough to sleep but story helps and then just being there used to only take 5 mins in the end

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