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My 2 year old speaks strangely

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ThatBigGermanPrison Mon 21-Jul-08 15:27:36

He will mimic me saying (eg) "Big car"

and he will say "Big G G G car!"

or he says things like "C C C C cat!"

It's much slower than a stutter - does anyone kno why he does this? He's 2.3.

belgo Mon 21-Jul-08 15:29:07

I've heard children of this age do this. I don't think it's usually anything to worry about, at this age.

ThatBigGermanPrison Mon 21-Jul-08 15:48:06

ahhhh good, I'm glad!

snooks Mon 21-Jul-08 15:53:39

I started a thread about this, see here

FWIW, he only does it occasionally now, and many days not at all. HTH.

BasementBear Mon 21-Jul-08 20:22:41

My DS2 did this, and at the time I was worried about it but he seemed to grow out of it. In fact, I'd forgotten about it until I read this thread smile. He's 4.5 now and talks fine.

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